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Fill out a short form below and we'll deliver our fresh desi milk at your doorstep. It's 100% pure, unprocessed A2 milk from naturally-grazing, grass-fed desi cows at ₹45 for half a litre.

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FAQ about A2 / Desi Milk
What is Desi Milk?
It's a milk that’s rich with A2 Beta Casein Proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids. Or as your ancestors would say, desi milk :)

Why Desi Milk?
The milk you are probably drinking is laced with GMO, harmful hormones and A1 protein and is stripped of important nutrients

What Do I Get Out Of It?
Just few things off the top of our heads: Clears cholesterol, improves immunity, prevents diseases caused by lactose intolerance, and boosts brain-power!

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