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If you are a Model and want to be nominated on our site, please register here.
Only Shemales alone and Couples where 1 is transsexual.
In order to be nominated, you also have to be registered to vote here and to vote at least 1 time.
Do you agree with #EroAwardArmy and EroAward nomination Terms? *
EroAward, like any award in the world, including the Oscars, is a BUSINESS, so I agree to treat it as a business (seriously)! I understand that EroAward is based on Votes, so in exchange of being nominated for Free at EroAward and having a voting-profile built for Free on EroAward site, I agree to promote my EroAward nominations in the social media accounts (at the top) and sites that I will add here (below). These accounts & sites will all be added on my free voting-profile. If I want ALL my social media accounts, personal site(s), camsite(s), clipstore(s), etc. added to my voting-profile on EroAward site, without any obligation to promote my EroAward nomination at the top, I can get it with Premium nomination If I want to stop promoting EroAward nomination in 1 or more of my social media accounts and sites that I listed here, or if I delete those accounts/sites, or they were banned, I promise to contact EroAward team and inform them about it If at any moment, I decide to leave #EroAwardArmy Promotion System and/or EroAward nomination, for a limited or unlimited period of time, I promise to contact EroAward and inform them about my decision. If I choose to also promote my nominations at other awards beside EroAward, I will treat all the awards nominations equally. So, I will never give less importance to my EroAward nominations. I understand that failing to respect these terms, may result in my elimination from the #EroAwardArmy Promotion System, EroAward sites, social media accounts, groups & networks, curent EroAward nominations, as well as from any future nominations.
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Describe all what you do that you believe can help you to become nominee at EroAward.
Categories of nominations(min 4 & max 8) in decreasing order of importance *
Categories of nominations (minimum 4 categories and maximum 8). Write the categories in the decreasing order of importance for you (so, the first category would be the most important one for you). Use copy/paste from . Example: 86 Best Kisser, 88 Sexiest Model, 90 Top Glamour Model, 92 Greatest Diva, 93 Greatest Bitch
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Your social media accounts & sites where you ask for votes at EroAward *
First, add the "Vote for me at!" in 1 superior part of your social media, and your sites, and then write them here so we can add them to your nomination. Example: if you added "Vote for me at!" in your twitter, and facebook, write here: ,
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5 Groups for Retweets? *
Do you want to be added to 5 #EroAwardArmy Groups for Retweets, where you can drop your tweets to be retweeted? If Yes, please follow our official twitter account Each group has maximum 50 members (CamModels, PornStars, CamStudios, Porn producers, Professional Promoters & Fans-promoters).If you choose Yes, you also agree with these terms: - Respect everybody in the group and never block any member! If you have any problems, please contact us at our official or - Never promote other awards or summits, beside & If you want to promote another award/summit/expo, please ask us first, as with some events we are Media Partners. - Never promote Promoters Team(s), if you are not the owner/creator of that/those Team(s) and if you're not using EroAward at the top on your main/biggest twitter account that represent that team. - Drop as many tweets as you want. No drugs/minors/hate/racism or other illegal content! - Follow and/or retweet if/who/when you want. - If you have multiple twitter accounts, you can drop only the tweets from the accounts where you use EroAward at the top. - If you want to add a member to our groups, please tell them to first join #EroAwardArmy and to contact us, so we can add them. Only EroAward organizers can add members to our Groups. Members who don't obey the rules, will be eliminated from all our groups. (The groups for retweets are the best way to fight Twitter shadowban, as well as to network with new models, promoters, studios, sites, businesses, fans, etc.)
Interested to colaborate with Promoters? *
#EroAwardArmy Promotion System is the biggest platform that brings Models & Promoters together, to help each other, mainly for Free, and in some cases as paid promo. Choose only the NO! option if you don't want to collaborate with promoters, or choose the other option(s) about your way to partner.
Do you offer FanSigns for Promoters? *
The FanSigns for Promoters can be a picture/video, where you write the name of a promoter on a paper, table, window, mirror, dildo, on your body, or even printing a tshirt/underware. Be creative! Some promoters are extremely interested to get these kind of materials and are willing to support you a lot in exchange!
Do you offer (un)marked Pictures/Videos for Promoters? *
Some promoters are willing to help models, if they get in exchange quality promo materials. If you are willing to offer them, please upload your pictures or videos in Google Drive, Dropbox, your site or another service, and give us here the link. You can even offer pictures/videos with EroAward tshirt or trophy! ;) In order to be successful, offer QUALITY pictures (Not made with the cheapest camera!), clear (not dark), full body (Don't cut your body!), interesting (Be creative and offer something that can attract fans attention!). If you watermark your pics/videos, don't overdo it: don't use huge letters, don't cover your face or body, don't use a lot of words. And don't be afraid to offer also unmarked pictures/videos (or make it 60% watermarked and 40% unmarked), so that the promoters can add their watermark when they promote you and make their materials look more elegant and not over-watermarked (of course, as long as they use your materials to promote (also) you!).
What you expect from a Promoter in order to have a great partnership? *
What services?
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In case you win a trophy, what will you do? *
Do you want to come to and EroAward Gala, on 23 November 2019, Spain? *
More info on and If you want to come, please register here:
Interested to sell your services/products with EroAwardShop and/or SupremeGoddesses? *
You can get more infos about it here and (the 1st site for Financial Domination).
Do you know to use bitcoin? *
How do you prefer to communicate with EroAward? *
(THIS INFO WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED ON THE SITE, is only for us!) What is the easiest & fastest way to communicate with us? If you prefer an email, skype, whatsapp/viber, etc, please write it.
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What you think about AWARDS? *
(THIS INFO WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED ON THE SITE, is only for us!) Which you think is the best award in the Adult industry and why? At which awards you participated? What is the value of an award for you? What suggestions you have for EroAward?
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