2017-2018 McCabe LCAP Student Survey
Grade Level *
1. My school provides a good education for students. *
2. (Junior High only: Please skip to question number 3 if in grades 2nd - 6th). Projects we do in class help prepare students for future college OR career paths.
3. I have completed projects in class that have provided me with skills that I will utilize in real life? *
4. I enjoy learning by doing hands-on projects in class. *
5. If I have a problem, I know I have someone at school that I can talk to. *
6. I feel a connection to my school and classmates. *
7. I feel safe at school. *
8. I look forward to coming to school each day. *
9. My school is implementing Common Core Objectives and Standards in Math and Language Arts. *
10. Our math program is helping me to think critically through problem solving. *
11. Common Core instructional materials are helping me improve my Language Arts skills. *
12. What is one thing the school could do that would help you better achieve all of your learning goals? *
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13. My school is clean, safe and in good condition, (such as bathrooms and drinking fountains). *
14. My teacher/s keep my parents informed of my progress. *
15. I am proud to attend McCabe/Corfman School. *
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