Academic Mentoring and Tutoring Application
As part of our "Return, Recover and Reimagine" plan, the BPS Division of Academics and the Division of Equity, Strategy & Opportunity Gaps are excited to launch the Academic Mentoring and Tutoring opportunity, which will provide intensive relational tutoring and support for our students in transformation and alternative schools. Academic Mentoring and Tutoring will help students succeed through the current crisis and recover from pandemic-related learning loss.

Academic Mentor/Tutors and Academic Mentor/Tutor Supervisors are both welcome to apply. Tutors will have an opportunity to support students and assist them in building networks that support their growth in their identities and connections with the world around them to connect their current academic work to their future goals. Tutors who are certified teachers will be compensated at the BTU hourly rate. Tutors who are not certified teachers will be compensated at $25 per hour.

This opportunity is affiliated with the Division of Equity, Strategy & Opportunity Gaps’ My Brother’s Keeper - Transformative Mentoring.

BPS Staff can be involved in this opportunity in three ways:
(1) BPS teachers (priority given to transformation schools) can supervise a small group of tutors at their school.
(2) BPS teachers (priority given to transformation schools) can tutor a small group of students directly.
(3) Other BPS staff can tutor a small group of students directly. High school seniors will also have opportunities to support students directly through our partnership with PIC.

Orientation: Thursday, April 15, from 4-6pm OR Tuesday, April 20, 3-5pm
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Application Information:

-Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
-Any qualified BPS staff member can apply. Candidates who reflect the cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity of BPS students are encouraged to apply.
-The opportunity will be opened up to qualified external members of the broader BPS community.
-Schools and students will have the opportunity to vet Academic Mentor/Tutors.
-The students and the Academic Mentor/Tutors will fill out an assessment after every session.
-Please email Bethany Allen ( or Christine Landry ( with any questions.
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