PreReq quiz for Machine Learning for Healthcare (6.S897, HST.956)
This quiz will not count toward your grade, but will be used by the course staff to check prerequisites (6.036/6.862 or 6.867 or 9.520/6.860 or 6.806/6.864 or 6.438 or 6.034) and to assess students' preparation for this class.

Please submit it as soon as possible -- and no later than Tuesday 2/5/19 at 11:59pm EST. We expect the quiz to take no more than 15-20 minutes.
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Consider the following generative process describing the joint distribution p(Z,X): Z ~ Bernoulli(0.2), X ~ Gaussian(mu_Z, 0.5), where mu_0=3 and mu_1=5. Which of the following plots is the marginal distribution p(X)? *
Captionless Image
Consider the following one-dimensional dataset for the next two questions. There are two classes (blue circles and red squares).
[references image above] Where is the decision boundary of a (hard margin) linear SVM classifier trained on the full dataset? *
[references image above] What is the leave-one-out cross-validation error (i.e. average fraction of misclassified points from 6-fold cross-validation) for a hard-margin linear SVM classifier on this data? *
Gradient descent will always converge to a global minimum, even for non-convex functions. *
Please match the four values of C to the four figures. For each row (i.e. figure), select the column which corresponds to the correct value of C. *
Captionless Image
Figure a
Figure b
Figure c
Figure d
What would be the value of output z in the neural network below for the input x1=1 and x2=0 ? *
Captionless Image
Please self-report which tasks you would be comfortable doing in Python for a given .csv of movies, cast list, genre, and box office gross numbers: *
Are you comfortable using Keras, TensorFlow, or PyTorch? *
What is your registration status as student for this class? *
Why do you want to take this class? *
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