Marcel Air Conditioner Online Order Form
Now customers can place online orders for Marcel Air Conditioner.

* Customers have to fulfill all below required details.
* After fulfilling the form details that's doesn't mean that order will count as confirmed order.
* Based on filled details concern showroom manager will communicate with the customer and will try to deliver the goods.
* During the COVID-19 situation product delivery and installation support will depend on the neatest area situation and Govt. instructions.
* Delivery charges & installation charges will be mutually discussed and will be fixed among the customer and showroom manager.
* Except Marcel Digital Campaign Season 7 no other offer will be available.
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Note: Product delivery will depend on the government instruction and the situation near the selected plaza. Any type of installation support will depend on the availability of technicians near the delivery location. Marcel has the right to change or cancel any condition or order if required. As per the government instruction, there are few areas fully locked down. In those areas, product delivery won’t be possible till the next instruction from Bangladesh Government. Delivery charges will be discussed and fixed mutually between customer & showroom concern before the delivery.
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