Save The Quest (STQ) is a charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882, Section 60 (Registration no. 822) based in Delhi. The society we live in is plagued by prejudices and clichéd notions. Differently-abled, orphans or the financially weak are easy targets of these judgmental eyes. We take it upon us to ensure that these targets are appreciated for their ability, for their passion, for their conviction and their inclusion is easy in our society through awareness and education for their ability, for their passion, for their conviction. They are different, but not an outsider. We at STQ make them a part of the society; we become one of them and work as a team. Our volunteers act as friends and mentors to imbibe the right values and educate them.

India is now home to the world's largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. According to the 2011 Census figures, the population of disabled people in India has gone up to 2.68 crore. This makes up for 2.23 per cent of the population. The main objective of creating a scribe bank is to help people with disabilities in finding a suitable scribe. The scribe banks aims at making education barrier free for people with disabilities. There are more than 250000 blind students who need scribes. we are forming a scribe bank to make scribes accessible and make education barrier free.

Those can use own scribe.

Scribing is an accommodation for students who are blind / low vision or affected by cerebral palsy with loco-motor impairment and whose writing speed is affectedwho have difficulty with writing. A scribe reads the questions for the student and write the answer dictated by the student

Under project Eye Quest we are forming a scribe bank to assist candidates who are blind / low vision or affected by cerebral palsy with loco-motor impairment and whose writing speed is affected .The project assist and empower the visually impaired students and to sensitize the youth towards the challenges faced by them. Our volunteers act as scribes and tutors for numerous visually impaired students namely in the University of Delhi, J.N.U and National Association for the Blind. They assist the students with their assignments and record their study material in audio formats.
We are associated with National Association for the Blind, R.K.Puram since July 2013. Apart from helping the children at NAB with their requirements, STQ also holds monthly events and competitions at the association. like our page for updates.

Note : All the scribe will get certificate for Scribing

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