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Do you know about something happening on campus? We'd love to hear about it.The State Hornet covers all things Sacramento State and if something is going on campus, we can report on it.
What you should know before submitting a tip:
Tips can be regarding anything that involves or impacts Sacramento State and its students. However, it's important to know what makes for a good tip. A good tip needs to be a) provable and b) newsworthy. This means that hunches, speculations, or rumors are only as good as the evidence you provide or we can gather to establish as proof. A tip also needs to pertain aspects of newsworthiness. It can't just be important to you; it must have the potential to be important to our campus as a whole.

Further, some tips are more sensitive than others and you may not be comfortable sharing them publicly or to have your name be published as an informant. Therefore, if you wish to remain anonymous or need to share sensitive information with us, please email us at
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