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Dimensions - 50cm x 160cm (19.5in x 63in [5 1/4 feet])

Peach Skin - A sturdy, smooth, non-stretchy fabric with a nice silky sheen. Prints vibrant colors with great detail.

Short Plush - Fuzzy plush feeling, not unlike fleece fabric. The fabric has slightly more give to it than Peach skin, however due to the plush surface, please keep in mind details may print slightly less sharp.

2-way - Our highest quality offered. A nice ‘spandex’ type of feel provides for a cool; stretchy material with a smooth surface. Prints vibrant colors with great detail.

* Prices do not include S&H

The Artist will provide electronic copies, in high resolution digital format, either PNG or PSD.

Quotes & Shipping Due to the highly volatile nature of shipping quotes the Artist will be given a general shipping quote at first. If they wish to have a more accurate shipping quote they may request it. Shipping quote times can vary between 1 to 6 weeks and quote relies entirely on manufacturer's word. The Company will use the quote as an accurate representation of the cost of shipping in it’s shipping calculations.

Artwork There are no limitations on artwork licences or approval process for direct sales. You are entirely responsible for paying for the product and selling it at your discretion. The Company will take no responsibility for the content or actions of The Artist once they receive their product.

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