The Great Book of Pedalboards
We want to produce a Great Book of Pedalboards featuring the awesome pedalboards of our community.

This publication will be shipped with the MOD Duo to show new users how versatile and diverse the MOD Duo can be. It will also provide the built-in pedalboards that are loaded on new units.

Help us show new users how creative our community is and carve your name further in MOD history!

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What's the name you use for publishing your pedalboards?
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What's your pedalboard's name?
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How would you describe your pedalboard?
What's on Input1? What's on Input2? Are you using a MIDI controller or instrument? What is your Duo wired to: an amp? more pedals? Is it for individual use or for a band?
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How do you control your pedalboard?
What's on Knob1? What's on Knob2? What's on Footswitch1? What's on Footswitch2? Are you using any extra controllers or peripherals?
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Does your pedalboard use pedalboard presets? If so, what does each preset do?
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What tags would you use to describe your pedalboard
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