AIC Catalyst: Startup School 2021 Application Form
Welcome aspiring entrepreneur! AIC Catalyst, a pioneering institution that has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs scale and build their businesses, is now offering its expertise to idea-stage companies. We are glad that you wish to be a part of the 1st Startup School cohort of Atal Incubation Center Catalyst.

Catalyst AIC is an incubation and innovation center set up by KREA University (IFMR Society) in Jaipur, under a grant from NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission. The center supports and helps scale innovative startups in the inclusive tech domain, which build products focused around unserved and underserved communities in India’s last mile. While our core program focusses on tech products for India's rural communities, Startup School focuses on nurturing young, idea-stage entrepreneurs to help them build businesses of the future.

The Catalyst AIC incubator is unique in its value proposition as it provides startups with real-world test environments, data-driven insights on their target consumer groups, and necessary infrastructure to rapidly test, iterate and deploy their solutions. The core idea is to help scale high-impact, last-mile inclusive tech products, in close coordination with our implementation partners and LEAD’s deep on-ground research expertise.
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The Process
Post receiving your application through this form, we shall be getting back to startups shortlisted by our jury members for our second round of discussion. The second round will entail a short pitching session with our Jury Members. The first Startup School cohort shall go live on March 19th.

We thank you for taking out time to apply to the program. For any questions you may have, please reach out to us at
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