Kulan Village Homeschool Fall Registration
Your family is invited to participate in the Kulan Village Homeschool Co-Op Program. Please review our
program and complete the registration form. Once complete and program investments are rendered, your family will be enrolled for the 2019 Fall Semester.
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On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to parent involvement and participation in your child’s and the collective’s learning experience? (Ex: completing mandatory volunteer hours in leading classroom lessons, tutoring, chaperoning field trips, helping the teacher in or out of the classroom setting, serving as a committee head, supporting school staff, monitoring homework, etc.)? *
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Please select a minimum of one Kulan Community Task you will commit to using your time, skills and talents in.
Kulan is a cooperative community for our homeshcool families. Please review the various Kulan Community Tasks and find a minimum of one Task that resonates with you and you can commit to participating in. Due to the size of our cooperative, you may be the only person responsible for that task for the group. Please don't let that deter you. You will have support!

Please review the following Community Tasks to help make your selection:

Kulan Events
Responsible for the Orientation, Holiday Party and End of Year events and any other events that are agreed upon for the coop.

Responsible for acknowledging birthdays on behalf of the coop.

Mama Day’s Out
Responsible for planning our Mama’s Days/Nights out (1 each semester).

Responsible for Social Media/ posts, engaging with the community.

Parent Engagement
Responsible for our weekly parent email to keep our community up to date.

Responsible for building the lesson or activities each week. P-re K, School aged, High School.

Field Trips and Speakers
Responsible to coordinate with the Curriculum team to organize field trips and speakers that align with the lessons for the month.

Responsible to for registration, supplies, website and other administrative tasks.
Kulan Community Tasks *
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