In-kind Contribution Work Plan
Contribution Leads, this form is designed for you to develop and update your Work plans for your contributions. It mirrors the information requested in the Manual for In-Kind Contributions (, but please also refer to the specific instructions summarised there when writing your work plans.

You may wish to complete this form in parts before it is ready for review. The final question on the work plan asks you whether the plan is still in progress or ready to submit. For the former, you can edit your response by following the link in the confirmation email. Once you are happy with the work plan, please select "Ready for Review" so that we know when you are done. The work plan will then be sent to your contribution IPC and Recipient contact(s). The recipient groups will be asked to approve the work plan. Any amendments arising from this review will be communicated to you.

The work plan compiles the top-level objectives for the contribution, and captures any contribution-type specific information. Key elements such as deliverables and milestones towards reaching those deliverables should be outlined, along with an estimate of the timeline for achieving milestones and/or delivery.

A work plan should be submitted for each contribution identified by a unique ID - the contribution ID of the form XXX-YYY-SN where N is a running number for each program element. If your contribution (denoted by the ID) includes more than one element or more than one contributor, please describe each in this form but do not submit multiple forms for a single contribution ID. In the case of FTE, the effort of different contributors should be summarised, describing the elements each person is working on. In the case of multiple resources e.g., datasets, processing, storage etc., the work plan similarly should summarise each element of the contribution.

For contributions where the entire scope is not yet known (e.g. directable and general pool S/W contributions, future telescope or CPU access etc.), please fill out the form with as much detail as is currently known. We expect the quarterly reporting and annual evaluation cycles to cover extensions and/or redirections from the original work plan. So please complete this form to the best of your knowledge at the time of writing.

In the following question, please add the email address of the person completing this form. Others contributing to the completion of the form can be named at the end of this form.

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Email *
Completed by *
Please add the name (Last Name, First Name)  of the main person who wrote and submitted this form. Other contributors can be added later.
Contribution ID *
The contribution ID is a unique identifier for your contribution of the form XXX-YYY-SN where N is a running number for each  contribution in a program. If you are unsure of your contribution ID, please email
Recipient Group: working group, task force or team
Your recipient group(s) will be known from your contribution so you do not need to repeat that here. Rather please add any relevant sub groups (if any) that are managing your contribution e.g. working groups, task forces or teams. You may add the names and emails of the recipient contacts that you are working with if you wish. They will also have the opportunity to add their names during the recipient review of the contribution.
Start date of the work *
The expected start date for work towards the contribution. If an exact date is not yet known, please give an estimated date by choosing the closest month to the anticipated start, and select day 1 of that month. This date can be amended once the actual start date is known. For Telescope contributions, this date reflects the start date of the work preparing for the contribution not the first day of observing. The latter will be specified in the the profile explorer that will be shared with you.
End date *
The anticipated end date for the contribution, as above.
Top-level objectives *
Summarise the top-level objective(s) for this contribution in a bulleted list or a few sentences.
Engagement with recipient group(s)
Please describe how the contribution team is embedded and engaged with the recipient group(s). If there are multiple people contributing to this contribution, please list their names and summarise their associations with recipient or relevant groups.  Where relevant, this can also include engagement with the Rubin or community coordination groups (
Contribution type *
This question will lead you to sections with contribution-type specific questions and will end with the work plan summary and plan of work for the next quarter. If your contribution has a mixture of components from those listed below, please contact your IPC. Note that datasets where the value attributed is by the FTE required to produce that dataset should follow the software or other categories as appropriate.
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