The EBO LANDING PROJECT (ELP) organizes annual homecoming and rematriation tours of African Americans to Igbo Land every November-December time frame for two weeks (ten days) with a third week option. Two week highlights include 1) the annual ELP International Conference at Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State who will act as our official hosts, 2) retracing the slave route at the Long Juju Shrine of Arochukwu, 3) the ritual cleansing from the stigma of slavery, naming ceremony at the sacred waters of Omambala and adoption as Princes/ Princesses of Royal Houses at the Eri Palace, Aguleri, Anambra State. 4) Government sponsored tours of sacred/cultural/ historic sites and more. Third week highlights include participants visiting ancestral shrines, consultation and divination with ancestral deities and native priests. There is space for 20 people only.

His Majesty, Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka-Eri, Ezeora 34th and Eze Aka Ji Ofor Igbo invites all Diaspora Africans annually to Igboland during the Olili Obibia Eri Festival. Returnees will personally witness our great discoveries on the West African origin of Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations: and meet the Ancestral Gods who gave the world religion and metaphysics. Appropriate security escorts are provided from location to location by local governments. Come and connect with your ancestral heritage and be pampered by your own native people, make new friends and adopt a native family, become involved in community service, be adopted by an African royal family and get a name change as "Prince" and "Princess". Participate in the cleansing from the spiritual and social stigma of slavery as we bring back the spirits and free the souls of our ancestors who perished in the waters from Ebo Land to Ebo Landing "Orimiri Omambala bu anyi bia. Orimiri Omambala ka anyi ga ejina" (The Water Spirit Omambala brought us here. The Water Spirit Omambala will carry us home).

All this in the annual Ebo Landing Project

For details, contact: Dr
Sidney Davis (Prince Eluemuno Eri) on Face Book or by email: Phone:617-548-7208

Any native born African wanting to participate in the cleansing with the descendants of captive Igbo from the Americas coming home to remove ọnụ na-árú from Ndiigbo and Alaigbo please contact the Nigerian ELP Director Lyndia Chika Duru ‭at 234 8189660665 or
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