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Please fill out this form so that we can get a better understanding of your apartment needs such as size (1BR or 2BR), location (1st or 2nd Floor) , timing (When you do want to move in) and rental budget (monthly rent should not exceed 30% -35% of your monthly gross income) to ensure we may have what you are searching for.
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Do you or anyone else that would be residing in the apartment own a pet that lives with you? *
The Colonnades has a NO PET Policy
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The Colonnades is a smoke free building and smoking is allowed only outside the apartment building
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Have you given your current landlord proper notice and if yes what is required
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Are you working... if yes, where are you working how long have you worked there and approximate monthly income. If you are not working or are retired what is your source of income to pay rent and amount
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