NQAPIA Community Catalyst Awards
NQAPIA’s National LGBTQ API Conference will feature the Community Catalyst Awards
Gala where we will recognize organizations and individuals who have made significant
impact to improve the lives and advance for the interests of the LGBTQ API community,
enhanced their organizations’ infrastructure and programs, or demonstrated exemplary
partnership with NQAPIA.

We invite you to nominate yourself, your organization, or another for one of these
prestigious nationally acclaimed awards. Top nominees will be announced and the award
will be presented at the National Community Catalyst Awards Ceremony in San Francisco,
Saturday July 29, 2018. The awardee or a representative of the recipient must be present
to accept the award. No awards in abstentia allowed.
List of awards and award categories are below.

- Self nomination are allowed and encouraged (do not be shy in claiming our victories
and successes)
- Each entry allows only one nomination for one award. You may nominate multiple
people or multiple organizations for the same award or for different awards BUT each
nominee-award must be entered separately as a new entry. (use cut & paste)
- All nominations due June 30.

MEMBER GROUP AWARDS – 4 categories
Only LGBT API organizations may be nominated for these awards.

LGBTQ Visibility Award
This award is given to the member group that has demonstrated the strongest visibility efforts of the LGBTQ API community.

Community Education Award
This award recognizes the member group that has actively engaged and educated its community members around issues that directly impact the LGBTQ API community.

Community Building and Programs Award
This award highlights the member group with the most dynamic programs that have built community for LGBTQ APIs.

Advocacy Award
This award highlights the member group that has participated in significant grassroots and
public policy advocacy activities and programs, and encouraged their base to take action.

Any organization may be nominated for these awards.

Most Impactful “9/11” Action Award
This award highlights the organization that coordinated the most awesome action during NQAPIA’s 9/11 action.

The Family Acceptance Award
This award highlights an organization that has prompted family acceptance and supported parents of LGBT kids.

Most Ground-Breaking Convergence Award
This award goes to the member group that coordinated the most meaningful Convergence.

The Anti-Viral Award (The Fight HIV/AIDS Award)
This award goes to the member group that has done the most impactful work to fight the spread of AIDS/HIV in the API community by promoting testing and treatment, or publicity for National API HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

CONFERENCE AWARDS – 3 categories
Growing Home (The Revolutionary Award)
This award uplifts an individual or organization that pushes the envelope towards LGBTQ API liberation. Their actions and politics will significantly pave the way towards a radically inclusive world where people from all race, gender, sexuality, ability, status, and class can be their full authentic selves.

Best Fundraiser to Get to the Conference Award
This award goes to the member group that hosted the most creative fundraiser for their members to get to the conference (not necessarily who raised the most money).

Biggest Turnout (The "Size Queen" Award)
This award goes to the organization (not necessarily a member group) that brought the most members to the conference. No nominees accepted. Based on registration.

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS – 3 categories
Longevity Award
This award recognized a person in the Bay Area who has consistently and tirelessly fought
for the API LGBTQ community (15 year minimum).This person must reside in the Bay Area.

NQAPIA Board MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award
This award highlights a board member who has contributed the most to NQAPIA’s vision, capacity, fundraising, governance, and long-term planning over the last year. This person must be a current member of the NQAPIA Board of Directors.

Conference Planning Committee MVP Award: This award highlights the conference planning committee member who has contributed the most to ensuring a successful, inclusive, and powerful national conference.
This person must be a current member of the Conference Planning Committee.

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Award
This award recognizes a company that has excelled in promoting diversity and inclusion of both LGBTQ and API people, through an equity lens and corporate social responsibility.

The Legal Eagle Award
This award recognizes a law firm who has dedicated considerable pro bono hours to
defending and prompting the legal rights of LGBTQ APIs.

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