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By applying for a membership I and my family (that I have agreed on behalf of), agree with and agree to abide by club rules and codes of conduct, as well as all of the other documents found on the club website ( I accept that it is my responsibility to ensure that myself and my family club members details (address, contact, BC membership and medical) are accurate, kept up to date and that the coach is informed prior to any activity.

When I become a member, or renew my membership with Friends Of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool, I agree to the use of my personnel data for administering my membership, and for the club to contact me with club notices relevant to my membership.

I understand that my personal data will be shared with club coaches and officials for training and administration purposes. I agree that my information may be shared with organisers of events and other officials within our sport, but never passed to 3rd parties for marketing purposes. I understand that the club will only retain my data for as long as the club needs to administer my membership. In line with the requirements with GDPR should you wish to request further details or request deletion of the information we hold on you then contact:

I confirm that I do not suffer from any disability or medical condition (Which I have Not Already Included In This Form) which renders me unfit for strenuous exercise. I accept that canoeing and kayaking are ‘assumed risk’ activities and that myself and my other family club members accept these risks and understand that the club is only insured for its legal liabilities and not for personal accident cover.
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If submitting this form, on behalf of Junior (U18) applicant(s), you must have parental responsibility. If applying for any other membership then the person filling in the form does not have to be the applicant.
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Please Ignore The Number And Letter At The Start Of Each Section / Question. They Are For Administrative Purposes.

The membership year runs from the 1st April (whilst allowing existing members up until the 30th of April to renew) to the 31st March the following year, but new members joining after the 1st of January (within that membership year) their membership will carry over to the following membership year - allowing up to 16 months of membership from 1st of January until the 30th of April the following year.
Membership is not valid until an approved application form has been received by the Membership Secretary, the Applicant successfully elected for Membership and a Joining fee received by the Honorary Treasurer - therefore the applicants will not be permitted to take part in club activities until after this point.
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