Helper Application Form

Helpers assist mods/admins moderate the server. Helper rank also eventually leads to mod. You are also included in staff discussions

- Must be viscount rank or higher
- Must be mature and have good communication skills
- Have good grasp of server rules and plugins. Able to answer any questions players have about the server
- Experience with banmanager, coreprotect, cmi, venturechat, and/or moderating minecraft servers recommended
- Be consistently active on the server/discord

Responsibilities includes:
- Helping new players with the server plugins, answering questions.
- Enforce server rules
- Maintaining a healthy, fun, atmosphere on the server

Please fill out the following information to the best of your ability. You will be required to do a chat or voice interview if your application is accepted.
In-Game Name *
Server Playtime and Rank
Discord Name *
Time Zone *
Age *
Have you had any past experience with moderating minecraft servers, or similar? What servers? What were some difficult situations that you had to deal with? *
In your opinion, what separates a good moderator from a bad one? Do you possess these qualities? *
What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? In context of being a member of staff. *
How much time are you able to invest into the server per week? *
What do you like about Gingy? What made you want to apply for staff? *
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