Seth's Eagle Scout Project
1419 East Butler Pike, Ambler, Pennsylvania 19002
From 9-5
Scout(s)Name: *
Please include everyone that will be coming with you.
If in a troop, which troop are you from?
What times will you be able to help out? *
What tools can you bring to help with the project?
Please make sure your name is on the tool(s) that you bring and the more tools we have, the faster and more smoothly my project will run. So please bring a tool if you can.
Will you bring a water bottle?
Clear selection
Will you wear hiking boots if you have them?
And if not, will you wear closed toe shoes?
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Will you bring sunscreen and bug spray, knowing we are in a wooded part of a park?
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Do you have any allergies? Please list them below.
Any other questions or comments?
if there are no other questions or comments, then write none
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