PartnerSPEAK Volunteer Expression of Interest
Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the First Australians, whose lands, winds and waters we all now share, and pay respect to their unique values, and their continuing and enduring cultures which deepen and enrich the life of our nation and communities. We pay our respects to elders past and present.

Diversity Statement
PartnerSPEAK wants all non-offending partners and families affected by child sexual abuse material to have equal access to and be supported by PartnerSSPEAK as early as possible in their journey.

We know the production and sharing of child abuse material is a global issue that exists in all communities. We also know that some people can experience additional barriers to accessing our support; and we recognise the work we need to do to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all people.

We are working towards becoming safe and more inclusive for all people. We recognise that while we build our knowledge and improve our practice, sometimes we might get it wrong. We will have mechanisms to seek and respond to feedback, particularly if we get it wrong.

Accessibility information:
if this form is not right for you, for example you need bigger print, English isn’t your first language, and / or you would prefer to answer questions through another form of communication such as over the phone, please contact us on 03 80802139 or

If you have feedback on this form or our processes, please get in contact on 03 80802139 or

Thank you very much for you interest in volunteering at PartnerSPEAK. We are grateful for your support. PartnerSPEAK is all about lifting the voices and experiences of the non-offending partners and close family members of perpetrators of child sexual abuse material. All our volunteers, no matter in which role, help us to lift our voices and to push back against stigma and shame.

It is important for you to know that PartnerSPEAK is a child-safe organisation and we take this very seriously. All volunteers will need to undertake working with children and police checks (at our expense of course) and we will ask a safeguarding children question when we contact your referees.
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For roles other than peer support, please describe (briefly) what experience or skills you would bring to such a position. (You don't need to write too much, we will talk more to you about this).
For roles other than peer support, please describe (briefly) why you have chosen PartnerSPEAK to volunteer at over other organisations. (You don't need to write too much, we will talk more to you about this).
Optional question about joining our diversity and inclusion journey. We understand it is not the role of people from diverse communities to educate us or be involved on our journey of embedding diversity and inclusion in our organisation. We do know that some people may want to be involved. If you are a part of the following communities – or any other community/ies – and you would like to be involved in our diversity and inclusion journey, please indicate this by marking the box/es.
If we phoned your current employer, your study coordinator or somewhere else you have volunteered, what one thing might they say you are really excellent at?
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If we do not have a position for you immediately, would you be okay waiting up to three months to start with us? *
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Is there anything you would like us to know before we email or call you, including any accessibility details?
Will you be able to provide us with people who are willing to act as referees, if you decide to apply for a volunteer role with PartnerSPEAK? (If you have lived experience and this is private, we will not tell a referee). *
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