Yaseen Media & Marketing Team
Assalamu Alaykum Community!

We are initiating Yaseen's next generation programs and services. One important angle for our success is our ability to develop the necessary appealing media and marketing campaigns to promote and report on the highlights of each program, event and service.

We are looking for talented individuals with a wide range of skills and experiences to help establish the new committee (Yaseen Media & Marketing Committee - YMMC). The committee is responsible for Yaseen's content creation and promotion on different channels including social media. The committee is responsible for maintaining and promoting the organization brand and accomplishments. This work will not only help us deliver our programs, services and events, but also will be a great aid to enhance our donor and member care.

We are looking to 3-7 member committee with a Chair and Vice Chair who would ensure the committee is empowered and sustained on the long run. In addition the committee will include contributing members in the arts of media creation and marketing. Expected level of commitment varies, but assume an average of 3 hours a week.

If you are blessed with such skills and have the interest in contributing your spare time to the develop our community, please fill in the application form. Else please promote this request with others you know, promote Yaseen Foundation within your circles and keep us in your Dua'a

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