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This form is designed to ask questions in order to help you and DAgua PWD's decide if a Portuguese Water Dog is the right breed for you. We will gladly help you select the right puppy for your lifestyle. We have been watching the puppy's behavior, personality and temperament. The information on this form helps us get to know a little bit about you and your family. We urge you to be very honest with us about yourself and your home life as these puppies rely on us to find the very best homes for them. Where one puppy may be perfect in a busy household, another may do better in a quiet home. We have found that Portuguese Water Dogs indeed, each have their own personalities.
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Help us know what Portuguese Water Dog will best fit your lifestyle:
Are you willing to have your Portuguese Water Dog seen by a licensed Veterinarian once a year to assure good health *
What age Portuguese Water Dog are you most interested in? *
Here at DAgua Portuguese Water Dogs we keep a running list to help other breeders and pet homes connect.
What coat color are you drawn to first?
We all have a preference, a color that we are drawn to first and we do understand this.
What coat type are you looking for?
The temperament you expect from your dog
What are your plans for training prior to the 6 month age when they can attend puppy classes? *
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Do you plan on training your puppy to do
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Are you willing to crate train your Portuguese Water Dog?
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How many hours a day will the dog normally be left alone?
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What is expected of our puppy owners:
Will you have your Portuguese Water Dog licensed and keep it properly identified?
Are you aware that your relationship with DAgua Portuguese Water Dog is for the life of the dog? *
Do you agree to return your Portuguese Water Dog to DAgua PWD's if you are unable to keep him/her? *
Are you willing to provide DAgua Portuguese Water Dogs with follow up reports as needed?
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