End indefinite detention in MN
Right now, Minnesota is locking up 737 people indefinitely in a shadow prison after serving their prison time, or even without being convicted of a crime. Thirty states have no such programs, and we believe MN should join them.

Since 1994 when this so-called "program" began, 86 men have died and 13 have been fully released. Officials who run the shadow prison admit that many of the people held there are not mentally ill, nor are they providing individualized treatment. Those in the program call the treatment “fraudulent” and “a death sentence”.

This scandal of a program costs taxpayers $393/day, or over $100 million a year.

This is something we can no longer accept. Led by (Overcoming Corruption Encouraging All Nations), a detainee group inside the nightmare that is MSOP, loved ones are coming together across the state for a “clear path home” for our loved ones, a reallocation of resources to effectively prevent and humanely respond to sexual violence, and an end to MSOP.

Please sign / share to get on our email list, and indicate if you’d like to get involved. Contact us or learn more at endmsop@gmail.com, facebook.com/endmsop, thevoicesofocean.net, (612) 470-2608‬ or read: www.nytimes.com/2015/08/16/opinion/sunday/sex-offenders-locked-up-on-a-hunch.html
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