Ditch That Homework presentation teacher survey
This will be quick ... I promise! I'll use this to gauge your feelings and experiences on homework.

I will display the results on the screen at the beginning of the presentation, but all responses will be anonymous ... so feel free to be honest. :)

PS: I *promise* I'm not playing "gotcha" (i.e. won't ask questions and use your answers as incriminating evidence later in the presentation).

How often do you assign homework now?
How much return do you feel students get on their time investment in homework?
How valid is this reason for homework: "Homework helps prepare students for college and the real world."
How did homework affect your learning throughout your life?
If you could find ways to be more efficient and effective to reduce reliance on homework, how would you feel about that?
Sum up your feelings about homework in 15 words or less.
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