COVID-19 Assistance Survey for Frederick County Nonprofits
United Way of Frederick County is soliciting requests for assistance from nonprofit organizations responding to the current situation facing our community.

We want to hear what your needs are regarding funding, donated items, volunteers, information and challenges you are trying to solve, but aren't sure where to start. Our goal is to gather information on the needs of the nonprofit community to help determine the most appropriate next steps.

Please understand this is an information gathering process. Completing this form does not guarantee our ability to resolve any need(s) submitted.
Name (First & Last) *
Organization *
Phone *
Email *
What kind of need(s) can we help your organization address? *
Please describe the specific nature of your need(s). If your need is funding please be as detailed as possible regarding amounts needed and what the funding would be used for. Also include if it would be an ongoing need for funding or one-time need (OK to give estimates for ongoing needs). *
If entering multiple needs please start describing them by labeling them by type (i.e. Funding: We need x dollars to provide y service. Volunteers: We need x volunteers to do y activity).
What resources does your organization have access to that may assist other nonprofits and their needs? *
Ex. Extra volunteers, furloughed staff, physical space, vans, storage space, tables, supplies, etc.
What services are you currently able to offer to your clients and the community? Please include any services that you are offering for those impacted adversely by the COVID-19 situation. *
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