Mighty Peace Teacher Convention 2020 Displays Registration
March 5 & 6, 2020

GST Registration Number: 129086393RT0001

* No spot is guaranteed – Get your applications in early!!*

*For further information, please contact us. Your messages will be answered as soon as our teaching duties permit. We strongly urge you to contact us via e-mail if possible. Thank –you for your cooperation.

Terms and Conditions

Read the Contract for Exhibitor Services carefully before signing and returning.

If table or power requests are changed upon arrival at the convention site there will be an additional charge of $25.00 per table/outlet.

Loss or damage to a displayer’s wares is the sole responsibility of the displayer. Your participation in the Convention acknowledges your concurrence with this policy.

Written (emailed) permission is required from the Convention Display Committee if a displayer wishes to sublet a portion or all of one’s booth. Our acceptance of subletting will be dependent upon other displayers in the immediate vicinity of the display booth.

NO ITEMS may be placed outside your purchased 4’ X 8’ area. This includes racks, stands, AV equipment and screens.
Power is for ONE plug-in only. You may not run a power bar off your plug-in.

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