Dialogue List of Science Communicators of India
This list aims to be a one-stop directory of science communicators from all languages in India. The idea of making this list originated from two separate meetings (in Bengaluru and Chennai) between scientists and science communicators of India.

FAQ about this form:

Q. Who can fill this form?
Ans. Anyone who has taken part in science communication for the general public in any part of India, in any of the languages of this country, in any form. The only condition is that there must be at least two of your work that are freely available on the Internet. This form will ask for two separate links to demonstrate this.

Q. I am a scientist and have several technical articles to my credit. Does that count as science communication?
Ans. Sorry, no. This list is for people who communicate science for the non-technical audience.

Q. How will you use the information provided through this form?
Ans. Once you submit your information through this form, we shall first check the two representative pieces of work that you have submitted. If they satisfy the condition of science communication for the general public, then all the information submitted through this form will become part of a publicly available list.

Q. You have asked for email id/telephone number/Facebook/Twitter Handle/LinkedIn. I am not comfortable with all these personal information becoming part of a public list.
Ans.The whole purpose of this list is that people who want to contact a science communicator, should be able to do so. Therefore, it is essential for you to fill in at least one of the seven contact details asked for. Which contact detail you prefer to be made public, is left to you. All entries which do not have at least one contact information, will not appear on the list.

Q. Although I have published articles, none of them are on the Internet. What do I do?
Ans. Please fill up the other columns in the form and submit it. Then send scans/photographs of two of your articles to confluence.caretakers@gmail.com. Please mention your name and the fact that you have submitted the form for the Dialogue list. We shall then look at these scans and, if appropriate, incorporate them into your records on the list.

Q. I have been practicing science communication that is not in the written format (e.g. giving popular science talks / doing scientific street plays etc). What do I do?
Ans: We need some kind of documentary evidence that you are a science communicator for including you in the list. Please send an email to confluence.caretakers@gmail.com and we shall examine the case.

Q. I have a few queries, whom should I ask?
Ans: Contact Sutirth Dey (s.dey@iiserpune.ac.in)
Name *
Please use the name under which your work can be found on the Internet.
Affiliation *
Primary mode of communication *
Beat/Area of work *
For example, science policy and administration, science education, physical sciences, for children etc. If nothing specific, please write general.
Language *
Which are the primary languages in for your science communication?
Representative work #1 *
Please put a link to a freely accessible piece of work on the Internet that appears under your name.
Representative work #2 *
Please put a link to a freely accessible piece of work on the Internet that appears under your name.
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