Campus Rep Application
* You MUST LOVE The Grateful Hearts and all of the fabulous products that we carry in our store.
* You MUST be highly energetic, self motivated, and involved in your school's campus activities (student government, organizations, athletics, etc.)
* It is SUPER ESSENTIAL that you have the following leadership characteristics: be enthusiastic, positive, smart, & outgoing.
* Required
Job Description
* We ask that you spend at least 4-6 hours (around 30-45 minutes a day) a week promoting our products and services available, studying our social media, learning about our new arrivals, & communicating with our Campus Rep Manager about your involvement with The Grateful Hearts.
* We ask that you stop by our store weekly for photo ops, training, and product education. This can be accounted for as part of your time spent promoting our products. Going LIVE on Facebook is a great way to reach potential customers and to spread awareness of our store and products.
* We require that you post one of our products at least once a week on your social media. When posting we ask that you are creative, fun, & positive. High quality photos are a MUST. Hashtags are a MUST, #TheGratefulHeartsCampusRep, #thegratefulhearts, #gratefulsebring, in addition to others that you discuss with our Campus Rep Manager. Correct spelling and grammar are a MUST. Remember that you are representing us and everything that we are about!
* You MUST follow us on all of our social media accounts and like every post that we make.
* We ask that you share your favorite posts that we make on your social media accounts. However, we do not want you to feel like you are selling something. This is a super fun opportunity and we want you to enjoy it. When sharing our posts and posting your own, we just want you to share how excited and happy you are about our products, events, or promotions. Remember: Happiness is contagious!
* If there are any opportunities (newspapers, events, etc.) on your campus for you to represent us, please let our Campus Rep Manager know so that we may possibly participate.
* Commitment, persistence, and attitude is the key to this job. Your performance will be based on in-store sales based on your referrals, & increased followers on our social media. Your performance will be evaluated at the end of the semester. If it meets our expectations, you will be able to continue your Campus Rep experience throughout the fall/spring semester(s).
* We also ask that you share product and marketing feedback with us to improve our performance.
What You Get
* Throughout the semester you will receive SUPER CUTE Campus Rep Packages that will include products specifically chosen for you from our store for you to post on your social media. They will consist of different items such as decals, tshirts, accessories, and/or anything else that we want you to post on social media. Also included will be extra goodies to hand out to your family and friends.
* You will get exclusive, sneak peeks of new arrivals before anyone else.
* You will get special discounts throughout the semester on specific items in our store.
* You will have the opportunity to attend our store events and mingle with your customers.
* You will gain a "hands on" marketing experience that you can apply towards real life situations.
* You will get a Campus Rep Code specific to you for you to share on your posts. This will give your customers a special discount plus help us to track in-store sales that you helped to make!
* Send your customers to the store with your referral for them to receive a 10% discount on their purchases. Please note that they will not be able to combine this discount with any other offers but will help us to track your sells.
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