Offshore Wind Citizen Survey 2021
Clean Ocean Action is seeking information from citizens about their knowledge of and thoughts about OSW energy development off the coast of NY and NJ. Offshore wind (OSW) energy is in development off the NY/NJ coast. There are 9 lease areas with projects in various stages of proposal and development; of these projects, 4 have already been approved to move forward in the application process. Currently, these 4 projects alone will bring approximately 400 turbines to the coastal waters off NY and NJ.
Please complete the requested information and click the options to answer each question; provide an open-ended response when prompted in the text box provided. Click “Submit” when you are finished with the survey. Share the survey link with others to complete!
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1. On a scale of 1 to 5, do you think climate change is impacting the New Jersey coast? *
No impacts
Severe impacts
2. Are you familiar with the state of New Jersey’s attempt to tackle climate change through its renewable energy plan? *
3. Are you aware that the federal government has set aside nearly 425,000 acres of public ocean area to build hundreds of large-scale offshore wind facilities off the NY/NJ coast? *
4. Are you aware that the federal government is currently offering nearly 800,000 additional acres of public ocean to build offshore wind facilities off the NY/NJ coast? *
5. What do you believe is the state of science for understanding ecological impacts of offshore wind? *
6. On a scale of 1-5, how familiar are you with the expected onshore needs of offshore wind energy development, including industrial facilities and wharfs for operation? *
Not familiar
Very familiar
7. If familiar, where or how did you learn about these proposed offshore wind projects? *
8. What do you think are the greatest benefits of offshore wind off the New Jersey coast? *
9. What do you think are the greatest concerns with offshore wind development off the New Jersey coast? *
10. Which type(s) of green energy do you believe is the most practical method to better meet New Jersey’s energy needs? (check all that apply) *
11. To help reduce impacts from climate change, on a scale of 1 to 5 how likely are you to reduce your personal energy use? *
Not likely
Very likely
12. Are you interested in receiving more information about offshore wind and other threats to our region's waterways from Clean Ocean Action? If yes, please provide your email address.
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