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If I have my own bike can I join for free?

Our nightlife rides are private parties on wheels we provide security, select the safest routes, provide the music and ambiance, and generally work hard to make our ride one of the top nightlife experiences from Theia Coffee House. Therefore, anyone who joins the ride has to be a paying customer.

Is this a historical tour?

No. The Nightlife Ride is a leisurely social ride around Osu with family, friends, music and people cheering you on along the way.

Where do we stop on the Nightlife Ride?

We generally making 4 stops that includes nibbles and drinks at Theia Coffee House and 3 more spots along the way

Can I drink alcohol on this ride?

It is illegal to ride a bicycle while intoxicated. Our number one priority on the ride is safety. To ensure safety we ask that no one drink to the point of intoxication. Only you know your own limits, so please exercise appropriate restraint. Also, we know it seems like common sense, but please show up sober and with some food on your stomach. Anyone who shows up inebriated will not be allowed on the ride and will not be refunded.

Are there any age and height requirements?

Yes. All participants must be at 21 or older and at least 4'11" in height.

Can I take pictures?

Yes! Please! Blow up your Instagram feed. But please do not take any pictures while operating the bicycle. For your safety and the safety of other riders only take pics at one of our stops. We also make a deliberate stop on the ride for you to take pics. Don't forget to tag us @gocitycycleshare

What kind of music do you play?

Because we are doing this for the first time we are getting a wireless Bluetooth speaker in order to make our tour within not boring. So we pretty much would go with something funky, But if you have a request we can always slot in your playlist.

Do I have to know how to ride a bicycle? Yes. Please don't book or book someone else if you or the other participant you're booking for can't ride a bicycle.

Are food and drinks included?

Every participant gets a bottle of water, nibbles at Theia Coffee House, glow sticks, on the Premises (additional bottles are (Ghc 3-5 ). We would make 3 stops on the ride where one can use the restroom, get a snack, and buy something to drink.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in Accra although we recommend you wear one. If you want to wear one we have an ample supply for the night.

What type of bike will I ride?

This is very important and what sets us apart. We realize that most people haven't used back pedal brakes since they were children. For this reason we have invested in top city bikes with hand brakes. You will ride with comfort, ease, and style on one of our beautiful Public Bikes. These elegant single speed, Dutch style city-bikes with curved step-through frames are easy to ride. We also take the time to adjust the seat to a comfortable height rather than assigning you to a bike that may not fit your size.

Unlike many other single-speed bikes, our single-speed Public Bikes allow you to coast and relax while riding, while also using powerful dual pivot hand brakes and alloy rims to ensure great stopping power. Built with a high-quality steel frame, they have matching fenders and chain guards, and mud guards.
The bikes’ geometry keeps comfort in mind, as you ride you will be able to sit upright and take in the sights without hunching over. They are also equipped with a front wooden wicker basket to carry your belongings.

When should I arrive for the ride?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of the ride. We have soft drinks/water and briefing at 5pm and departs on the ride at 6pm to 9pm. All participants must fill out a waiver. Early arrival also gives us ample time to fit everyone on a bicycle and to give a safety briefing.
Where do we meet for the ride?

Theia Coffeehouse, The Anchor Building, John Churcher Loop, behind GT Bank on Patrice Lumumba Rd

-Neon Neon Night Cycling-

(Fee- Ghc 350)
Tour Guiding Service Included
Total Location - 5 Eatery and Bar Locations
1. Bicycle
2. Helmets
3. Prosecco / Nibbles
4. Green Safety Vest
5. Dilys Smoothies.

Arrival at Theia Time (AT) 5:30 pm ( Road Briefing)
Take off Time (TOT) 6:00pm

Tour Distance- 5.43Miles
estimated 3 hours with all landmarks stops

Payment should be made before participating on a tour or renting our bikes.

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