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In an effort to practice social distancing, please take a moment to fill out the following questionnaire to help us prepare for your pets upcoming appointment. We ask that you remain outside the building while we care for your pet. Please call us when you arrive, and we will give you further instructions. Thank you.
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Has the pet had any exposure to a person with respiratory symptoms, suspected or confirmed COVID-19?
Do you have any concerns about your pet's attitude/behavior?
Does your pet's water intake seem normal?
Does your pet's appetite seem normal?
Is there any vomiting, diarrhea, coughing or sneezing?
Are there any lumps or bumps that the doctor should look at?
Has your pet ever had a vaccine reaction?
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Please list any medications or supplements your pet is currently taking including Heartworm, Flea and Tick prevention.
Do you need any medication refills including heartworm or flea/tick prevention (Simparica Trio, an all in one heartworm, flea and tick prevention for dogs, Bravecto for fleas and ticks for dogs, Bravecto Plus or Revolution Plus for cats)? We also offer Proheart 12. It is a one time injection that prevents heartworm disease in dogs for 12 months.
Do you have any concerns for the doctor to address?
In-person appointments now available upon request if you have not been sick with COVID or been around anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID in the past 2 weeks. If you prefer an in-person appointment, only one pet parent will be allowed inside with the pet and must wear a mask. You will still need to call us when you arrive.
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Please list your first name, last name and pet's name below. *
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