Create Taiwan Student Reference Form 臺灣國際創意媒體學生推薦表
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Your Name 你的姓名:
Name of Applicant you are writing this reference for 您欲推薦之申請者姓名:
How long have you known the Applicant? 您認識此申請者約有多久時間?
Relationship to Applicant 您是申請者的(關係):
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Would you consider your relationship to the Applicant to be 您與申請者之間關係的程度:
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How have you worked together with the Applicant? 您曾與申請者在哪個情況裡一同工作過?
Maturity of applicant. Under various difficulties and pressure, the applicant: 申請者成熟度。在各種困難和壓力情況下,申請者的成熟度為:
Additional Comments 附加說明:
The reactions of the Applicant in trying environments申請者在試煉環境中的反應:
Additional Comments 附加說明:
Please tick below, to describe the Applicant 請勾選以下適當詞彙以描述申請者:
Additional Comments 附加說明:
What growth have you observed in the Applicant's life? 就您的觀察而言,申請者生命中曾有哪方面的成長?
What are two areas the Applicant can grow in? 申請者在哪兩方面還有成長的空間?
Based on your observations, what skills and talents does the Applicant have? 請就您的觀察,指出申請者有哪些技能與才華/恩賜?
Additional Skills and Talents 其他技能和才華/恩賜
Does the Applicant have any trouble responding well to authority? 申請者是否與權柄人物有進退應對上的困難?
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If "Yes" please explain 若有,請詳加解釋:
Has the Applicant ever been a source of dissension or disunity?申請者是否曾經引起任何紛爭或不合?
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If "Yes" please explain 若有,請詳加解釋:
Is the Applicant someone you would enjoy working with? 申請者會是你樂與同工的對象嗎?
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Would you recommend the Applicant for acceptance?您會推薦我們接受申請者的申請嗎?
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