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Voluntary Service
Krishna Valley is the biggest eco-village not only in Hungary, but in the whole of Europe. From the very beginning of the project we have always strived to become self-sustainable through hard work, social development and by using traditional technologies. In our 266 hectare property we have bio-gardens which provide us with vegetables and fruit, and also a cellar which goes a long way in helping us be more self-sustainable in the cold winter months. We use traditional storage and conservation as well as dehydration methods to preserve our products without any artificial preservatives.

Our Cow Protection Centre is the home of Krishna Valley’s herd of cows, which includes Hungarian Tarkas, Tiroli Borzderes and an Indian Zebu.

Our farm community provides a practical lifestyle, offering freedom with a beautiful and peaceful future.

We have many areas where you can perform voluntary service – from the garden to the cow shed, from preparing the preserved foods to working in the office or cleaning. Every service is held in high regard, and we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers in each and every department. In exchange for 7 hours of daily service, 6 days a week, we provide accommodation and food. Our farm offers it's volunteers the opportunity to relax in a peaceful environment, to meditate, to connect with themselves, and to take part in the temple programmes, all of which can give a refreshing upliftment during your stay here.

Conditions regarding the stay of volunteers in Krishna Valley
• Accommodation: in one of the guest houses in the Somogyvámos village which is adjacent to the farm. The only rooms available are dormitory style with shared bathroom. Unfortunately we are not able to provide volunteers with private rooms.
• Service time: 7 hours a day, 6 days a week (for those coming for a week or more), from 9.30 until 17.30 (1 hour lunch break).
• Accommodation and food will be covered during your stay.
• Length of stay: maximum 3 months.
• Morning Programme: If you would like to invest some time in your spiritual life there is the opportunity to take part in the morning programme with the residents of Krishna Valley, which comprises meditation, class etc. The morning
program starts at 4:30 am consisting of signing ancient sankskrit prayers, personal japa mantra mediation, kirtan and
dancing, ending with a talk based on the epic Srimad Bhagavatam. Breakfast is served at the end of the morning
programme (8:30am).
• Please bring a "character reference" from employer or official person
• Whilst living here we humbly request you to follow some basic rules: "the four regulative principles of freedom" which
will be listed at the end of this form. By following these rules you will be able to tune in to a deeper level of spirituality
within and around you.
• Please apply 3 weeks before coming because every application is reviewed by our Board of Directors.
• Please use this registration form to apply for voluntary service at Krishna-Valley.
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