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When resources allow, Springtide hires skilled contractors and staff to create learning resources, develop learning programs, and more. We're not actively hiring at the moment, but we keep a standing list of talented people who may be interested in contributing to our work as professionals if the opportunity arises. Complete this brief form, and if it feels like a match, we'll follow up.
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We'd love to know a bit more about why you checked the boxes that you checked, and the kind of experience you might bring to the Springtide team.
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Tell us about your pay expectations, the rate of pay you would expect to bill for your services, and how you would bill (time on project, per deliverable, etc.). Generally, Springtide pays workers from this pool as independent contractors, rather than employees, so please factor this into your response. Also indicate if you would be required to charge HST on top of your services.
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Would you be willing to volunteer your services on projects without established budgets?
The primary purpose for this list is to establish a list of professionals that we can turn to when a funder, project partner, or client requests specialized services from Springtide. Whenever we hire professional support for well-funded projects, we pay a fair rate to contractors and employees. In addition to funded projects, Springtide also undertakes 'passion projects' that are supported primarily by small-amount donors, and the amount of work that we could undertake almost always exceeds our capacity. These projects include Springtide's live events, the Charter Challenge for Fair Voting, our work on electoral reform, and podcasting. Let us know if you'd be interested in contributing to these projects as a skilled volunteer.
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