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Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend meetings of the Patrick County School Board to observe its deliberations. Any member of the community may address the Board on matters related to the Patrick County Public Schools at meetings of the School Board as provided in this policy.

Public comment will be placed on the agenda for meetings of the School Board at the discretion of the Superintendent and the School Board Chairman in accordance with policy BDDC.

Persons wishing to address the School Board must submit a Request to Speak Form to the School Board Clerk before the meeting. Request to Speak Forms may be obtained by contacting the School Board Clerk prior to the meeting. Additional Request to Speak forms will be made available at the meeting location prior to the start of the meeting.
Each individual speaker shall limit his/her comments to three minutes. A speaker representing a group shall limit his/her comments to five minutes. The representative shall identify the group at the beginning of hi/her presentation. A group may have no more than one spokesperson. The total allotted time for public comments at any School Board meeting is thirty minutes.

The chairman is responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting and shall rule on such matters as the appropriateness of the subject being presented. Upon recognition by the chairman, the speaker shall address himself to the School Board Chairman. The public comment period is reserved for the public to provide input. The School Board does not respond to comments, answer questions, or otherwise engage in discussion during the public comment period. (Policy BDDH)

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