Customer Satisfaction
Varina appreciates your business. Thank you for letting us know about your experience with us. This survey should take you about 2 minutes to complete. We are committed to providing world-class service to you and your candid feedback is critical to our focus on continuous improvement.
On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=Very Dissatisfied and 10=Very Satisfied, please indicate your overall satisfaction with the following…
1. How satisfied are you with the delivery of our products? *
2. How do you rate the response time of our Sales Representatives? *
3. How satisfied are you with the quality of our product? *
4. How do you rate our customer communication? *
5. Accuracy and completeness of shipments. *
6. Quality of product upon delivery. *
7. Proactive communication regarding backorders/unfullfilled orders. *
8. Overall satisfaction with Ordering and Delivery Process. *
If there were one thing we could improve upon in regards to our ordering and delivery process, what would that be?
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