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Moms Matter Support Group Overview
When children are removed, many parents enter into shock. The pain is intense.  Each parent wants their child back.
Some parents get angry, others depressed, some stay in denial, others start quickly on their Reunification Plan.  
For moms, a free, peer support group is available from Fostering Great Ideas, a community partner.
Groups meet weekly, during a week day, on the bus line. A trained facilitator guides the discussion and encourages each participant to break down treatment plan goals into smaller tasks.

All moms want their children back. The program “Moms Matter” can help....We care about dads too - we have a program called "It's All Relative" for dads and the rest of the family, so children feel significant family support during this difficult time.
Moms Matter Process
1. Moms Matter is offered early on, often during a Family Group Conference, or later, as a mom prepares for reunification.
2. Anyone can refer a mom (Mom, Relative, Case Team, Caring Citizen). Fill out the form with all the information you know.
3. A Moms Matter facilitator will contact you within 3 days, to discuss the opportunity.
4. Social Services is given a simple, monthly summary:
        a. Does Mom come regularly? Is she on time?
        b. Is Mom participating?
"Elevate U" Overview
Elevate U is a 13-week certified curriculum for Moms to work on parenting, lifeskills, and recovery. The Elevate U class has been recognized by case workers as an approved parenting class for Moms involved in the Social Services system. This class is relevant for any woman dealing with addiction, trauma, or just working on major lifestyle changes. Participants will dive deeply into social and legal systems and learn how to navigate them successfully.
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