2019-2020 Early College @ Jones Application
For Hall County Students who are interested in Early College @ Jones - a Dual Enrollment partnership with Brenau University, Lanier Technical College and University of North Georgia (UNG) at the Jones campus.
**PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATION ONCE. Duplicate applications will delay the review process.**
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By typing my name below, I as the student give my permission for UNG, LTC and Brenau to release my SAT, ACT (or institutional scores), and/or Accuplacer scores to Hall County Schools, UNG, LTC and Brenau. I am seeking admittance to Early College @ Jones’ Dual Enrollment program and I understand that I must obtain qualifying grades, as well as ACT or SAT scores that meet the minimum requirements for the college(s) to which I am applying. I also understand that it is my responsibility to make sure my test scores and paperwork are sent to and received by my desired dual enrollment college(s). Further, if accepted to Early College, I allow Early College representatives to discuss my application information and all continued information (including but not limited to grades, accommodations, health plans), with my parents, high school counselor/administration and between LTC, UNG and Brenau as needed on my behalf. *
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By typing my name below, I as the parent/guardian affirm that my son/daughter is seeking acceptance into Hall County’s Early College @Jones in a Dual Enrollment partnership with Lanier Technical College and/or the University of North Georgia and/or Brenau University; I will support all expectations related to attendance, behavior, and academic requirements that have been established for students. I give my permission for the Early College @Jones Dean, representatives and Application Committee to access my child’s academic records, testing assessment, behavior, and attendance records. I understand that Hall County Schools and UNG, LTC and Brenau will have access to my son or daughter’s SAT, ACT and/or Accuplacer scores. Further, I allow Early College representatives to discuss my student's application information and all continued information (including but not limited to grades, behavior, accommodations, health plans), if accepted, with LTC, UNG and Brenau representatives and my student’s high school counselor/administration as needed on my student's behalf. *
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You will receive an EC Application Follow Up email once your application is processed. Please submit only one application. Current EC students need not apply. CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM/JUNK FOLDER. *
Please be advised that students will also be required to complete the college application(s) of their choice. *
Next Steps
VISIT EarlyCollegeHallco.org webpages for admissions information

Apply to the college(s) (UNG, Lanier Tech, Brenau) of your choice at https://sites.google.com/hallco.org/early-college-de-apply-process

Call Early College for assistance: 678-725-7026

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