MSA Redwood Empire Chapter Training Survey

As a valued supporter of the MSA – Redwood Empire, please answer the following questions so that we can better understand your needs and provide you with the best training for your participation. 

Below is a list of trainings that the MSA has provided in the past.  Which of the following trainings would you most likely attend?  Please check as many as you like.  You may add additional training subjects at the end:

Would you still attend a training if Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Certification was not provided?  
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Would you/your employer be willing to pay an additional fee for CEU or certification training?
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How far are you willing to travel to attend an MSA Training (check all that apply)?
Typically, our training fee includes lunch.  Are you satisfied with the quality of lunch provided by the chapter?
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Vendors are huge part the MSA.  They provide the equipment and services to sustain public works.  Please list the type of (or specific) vendors you would like to meet at an MSA meeting, and hear about their product:
Cost.  It was bound to come up.  Currently we charge $15 for our Training meetings, which also includes lunch.  For a certificated class, we charge more.  Please check all that apply:
Which payment methods works best for you and your agency/company (please check all that apply)
Do you have any additional comments that would help us serve you better?
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Which of the following best describes your MSA participation
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