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Here at the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC), we are aware of the many and varied reasons why survivors do not tell anyone - not even loved ones - about their experiences decades after the violence was perpetrated against them and do not report to law enforcement. It is up to survivors regarding when, how, and with whom they share the experiences of sexual violence perpetrated against them. It is our responsibility and privilege to hear the stories of survivors with love, compassion, and empathy and to meet survivors with understanding, encouragement, and support.

In this turbulent, grief strickening, and maddening time in the movement against sexual violence, MCRCC offers its blog as a platform by which the voices of survivors can be heard and shared. MCRCC invites you to share your experiences anonymously (or not) and we will share these stories on our blog until we have no more stories to share.

To participate in this project, please complete as little or as much of this questionnaire as you feel comfortable. The answers to this questionnaire will be viewed and edited for clarity by MCRCC Staff only until it is published on our blog.

If you or someone you care about has been sexually assaulted and is looking for resources or support, MCRCC provides a confidential helpline available 24/7 at (831) 375-4357 or 424-4357. We support survivors today and always.

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Please describe the experience of sexual violence (rape, sexual battery, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, and/or human trafficking) perpetrated against you that you would like to be included on MCRCC's blog.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and trusting MCRCC with your story. If you would like to connect with the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) about this project you can contact MCRCC Deputy Director Lauren DaSilva at (831) 771-0411 or

Please know that our helplines are available 24/7 if you need support. The numbers are (831) 375-4357 or (831) 424-4357.

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