Registration: SRL in (open) online education
What: Research meeting "SRL in online education"
When: Tuesday October 9th, 2018, 12-17 PM, including lunch and drinks
Where: Room 0.2 Teaching Lab TU Delft -

DEADLINE for registration is: 2nd of October 2019

On Tuesday October 9th 2018, we are organising the meeting on self-regulated learning (SRL) in online education as we already announced in our earlier "save the date" message. We are aiming for a small scale meeting, with lots of opportunity for discussion, sharing struggles, but also sharing best practices. Your input would be highly appreciated and we would thus like to invite you to this meeting. Please leave your details to register. If you want to, you can fill in the additional questions so we can tailor the meeting to your needs. We hope to see you there!

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht - Scientific Director CEL & Professor Learning Technologies, Welten Institute, Open Universiteit
Martine Schophuizen - PhD candidate SOONER project, Welten Institute, Open Universiteit
Renée Jansen - PhD candidate SOONER project, Utrecht University

Sponsored by the SOONER project:

For questions and inquiries please contact:

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The following questions are optional, but feel free to let us know your input to tailor the meeting to your interests.
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2. What issues do you encounter in doing the research related to online learning environments and SRL? (for suggestions see below).
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3. What would you like to discuss with peers during the meeting? Name 1-2 topics that you find most important.
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