2019-20 LCMEA All-County Concert Band Application
This form may be completed by student, parent, or band director.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact Mr. Venezio, president of the Lake County Music Educators Association: president@lcmea.com

You need to film your audition before starting this form.
-Please position the camera so that we can see you from a slight angle for the duration of the audition. The judging panel needs to see you from the waist up; instrument, hands, and face should be visible at all times during the video.
-You may sit or stand, as long as you meet the above requirements.
-The video must be recorded as one take, starting with scales and going immediately to the prepared piece. (You may not record scales and then pause the video or create a separate video for the prepared piece).
-You are welcome to attempt the recording several times, but you may not splice or edit the video in any way.
-For percussion: the snare video and the mallet video should be in one take (not two separate videos). If you need to move the instruments in between, you may do so, but keep the camera rolling.
-Before you play, please introduce yourself by stating your full name, instrument, and the school you attend.
-Since scales must be memorized, do not include a music stand in the frame. Play your scales and walk off camera to bring your music stand back into the shot. Leave the camera rolling as you do this.
-After you have recorded your audition, upload the video to YouTube and save it as an "unlisted" video. YouTube is preferred, but you may also upload to Google Drive or Dropbox and create a link.
-Copy the link to the video, as you will be prompted to paste this link into the form on the next page.

Video submissions that do not meet the above criteria will be disqualified.

-Students auditioning on Piccolo must also audition on Flute. Students auditioning on Eb Clarinet must also audition on Bb Clarinet. Please complete two separate form submissions- one for the primary instrument and one for the color instrument.
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