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What would you do if a white police officer pulled you, an African American male, over for a traffic crime you did not commit? *
How would/have you/will you handle gentrification in your neighborhood/your families neighborhood/a community important to you and you are a person of color? Or you are a white male that wants to purchase property in a predominantly non-white community? *
You are teaching a community art class with young children who often come with their parents.  Two of the parents are of Asian descent, a Grandma and a small child.  Out of nowhere, the woman that owns the building and is also participating says to the seasoned adult, “We don’t eat dogs in this country.” *
You are at a meeting that has ended and people are milling around chatting afterwards.  You begin talking to a middle-aged peace activist about camping now that the weather is nice.  She tells you she likes camping because she thinks it’s beautiful to sleep outside and likes to because American Indians did.  What would you want to say to her? *
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