The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival Accreditation Registration
Before filling the registration form, ensure that you have read the CHALE WOTE 2018 Media Licensing Policy. You can read it here:
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Accreditation form for Media pass
This is restricted to recognized media organizations wishing to document an produce news content on the festival. This includes: Tv stations, radio stations, print media, and new media (websites, blogs, podcasts, youtube channels, etc.). This is give you access to photograph and report of the festival as well as interact with participating artists and producers of the festival. You will be allowed to publish a maximum of 10 photos and 3 minutes of video as news content. There will be limited slots for both local and international media. Content produced as media coverage cannot be licensed for use on other media platforms or for any commercial gain.

Media personnel must provide proof of employment or identification as well as letter from commissioning editors assigning them to document the festival. Crew sizes and the specific roles of each crew member should also be specified as well as equipment to be used. ADA reserves the right to allow media houses access to the festival premises. Application does not necessarily guarantee access. Live streams of any sort (via social media outlets like periscope/youtube/instagram/twitch) with a cellphone or conventional broadcast methods professional media equipment is strictly forbidden.

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