Which package is for you?
A questionnaire to find out things such as your goals, budget, current exercise level and workout preferences in order to best find out which package suits you. Please answer all the questions if you can and answer as truthfully as possible!
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What are your goals and when would you like to achieve them? (Fitness / body / happiness / diet / strength ) *
What do you think has been stopping you from getting to this goal in the past?
What exercise do you already do? Type / how often / duration *
What kind of exercise do you enjoy the most?
Is there a kind of exercise you definitely DO NOT want to do, and why? *
Do you have a gym membership and if so, how often do you go? *
If you don't have a gym membership, have you had one in the past? If so, what were your reasons for getting rid of it?
Realistically, how many workouts could you fit in per week? *
Where do you prefer to work out?
Do you have any fitness equipment at home? Please list. i.e. weights / machines / mat / resistance bands etc *
Would you be prepared to buy a small amount of equipment to enhance home workouts? *
Do you ever lift weights? If so, give some examples of exercises and how much (kg) you're lifting. i.e. bench press 20kg bar 10 reps x 3 or squat 60kg 6 reps x 4 *
Do you feel your diet needs to improve? If so, tell me why. *
Why do you want to 'Be like Mummy Body Coach'?
What is your monthly budget towards fitness / improving your body / health? (individual personal training sessions cost £20 for 30 minutes or £35 for 55 minutes. Group sessions cost £5-10. Workout and diet plans / videos cost between £20-£30 per month. Gym memberships can range from £18 - £90 per month) *
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