Cooperative Energy Futures Board Member Candidate Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in helping build Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF) and grow local economic opportunity through energy efficiency and community-based renewable energy. If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please read the expectations for this process and submit the responses requested below. Thank you again.

Expectations for Board Members:
The CEF Board of Directors functions as a working Board. The Board is primarily responsible for policy decisions, guiding strategic priorities for the co-op, and evaluating operational progress.

The term of a Board member is two years, and Board members may seek re-election for one additional consecutive term.

In accordance with organizational bylaws, CEF membership is a prerequisite for most board positions. If the board complement is such at an annual meeting that at least one board position could be elected as a non-member, the option is available for someone wishing to become a member and who is elected by 2/3 membership vote to either pay a basic $25 membership fee or, after one year of consistent board service, choose to be accepted as a member at the next annual meeting.

Board members are expected to exercise the duties and responsibilities of their positions with integrity, collegiality, and care. This includes:
- Making attendance at all meetings of the board a high priority. Meetings are scheduled to be two hours in length, typically the first Thursday evening of each month (schedule to be finalized after election of new board members).
-Committing to an initial orientation to the board,​ to be completed before attendance at the first monthly meeting​ in May
- Committing to an additional minimum of 3 hours per month fulfilling duties as a working Board member, advancing the work of a subcommittee and reviewing background information.

The above expectations of the Board will be re-evaluated by the Board annually.

Candidate Response Form:
We are currently accepting candidate statements of CEF members wishing to run for the Board of Directors in advance of our April 2018 Annual Members meeting. To run for the Board, you must be a CEF member, but anyone can become a CEF member as described in the rights, responsibilities, and process here:

Nominations in advance of the Annual Meeting will be accepted via this form until midnight Sunday April 22nd, 2018. Elections by the members will take place through an in-person vote at the Annual Members Meeting. Elected members would serve a two-year term ending at the Annual members meeting in April 2020.

To run for the Board, please submit this form:

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