Parent Survey - Hubbard ISD
1. Teachers stress to my child that academic achievement is the most important thing about school. *
2. Disciplinary actions are fair and related to the rules which are broken. *
3. The principal and teachers really care about the students. *
4. This school encourages my child to be responsible and successful. *
5. I feel that the teachers treat my child with respect. *
6. I feel that the school is a safe place for my child. *
7. Students are rewarded for academic achievement through special awards, assemblies, displays of student work, etc. *
8. Problems at school are usually handled promptly and effectively. *
9. This school is neat, clean, and well-maintained. *
10. Staff at this school are willing to listen to parents and make them feel welcome. *
11. It is easy for me to talk to the principal. *
12. My child's homework is checked promptly and returned promptly. *
13. My child's test results are reported to me in a clear and understandable manner. *
14. Teachers regularly inform me about my child's progress and specific areas needing improvement. *
15. My child is able to get help from teachers on schoolwork when it is needed. *
16. Teachers in this school have high expectations for continuous improvement in learning for all students. *
17. This school is doing a good job of teaching the basic academic subjects like reading, writing, and math. *
18. This school provides an advanced curriculum and instruction to promote college-readiness skills for the future. *
19. I am kept well informed about school activities. *
20. I regularly assist my child with homework. *
21. I regularly check my child's grades on the school online grade book. *
22. The district's notification system, Facebook page, school webpage, text, and email alert notifications provide timely, useful information for me. *
23. My child's school is well-equipped with technology resources/devices to assist my child in his/her academic learning and technology skills. *
24. Overall, I am satisfied with this school. *
Thank you for completing this survey! Your input is greatly appreciated and will help us to better serve our students. Please provide any additional comments or observations below.
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