100 Crore LS Parayana Commitment Form
All participants are requested to register to either:
1. Laksha Parayana of Lalitha Sahasranamam (108 times chanting) in 108 days or a mandala (41 to 48 days) or lesser number of days.


2. Sahasra Parayana of Lalitha Sahasranamam (1008 times chanting) in 216 days or 108 days or lesser number of days.

Please answer the below questions, so that we can do our best to help you join this Maha Sankalpam, ordained by the great Devi and Jagan Mata, Sri Kamakshi Parabhattarika Herself.
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1. Your full name or your group name *
2. Your phone number *
4. Are you or your group willing to register for Lalitha Sahasranama Laksha Parayanam (108 times) or Sahasra Parayanam (1008 times) LS chanting? *
5. You do not require any upadesham to participate in this LS parayanam. If you have Sri Vidya upadesham, please let us know what Sri Vidya upadesham you have (People having Sri Vidya upadesham will be required to chant Lalitha Sahasranama along with Nyasas).
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For participating in this maha sankalpam, upadesham is NOT mandatory. The participants who don't have any upadesham, but willing to get upadesham, will be guided by us to a Guru near your geographical location to give you Sri Vidya upadesham.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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