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Since Fēnix is currently pre-sales, we are unable to access traditional business lending options, and with the current global pandemic thread, investing markets are contracting and more difficult to secure. However, there is an option available to Fēnix, it's fans and customers. Since we are structured as a C-Corporation, the SEC has provisions for an annual limited equity-based crowdfunding option. Under these rules, we can raise up to $1M each year through an equity-offer crowdfunding action. What this means is we can offer our fans and customers the ability to invest in Fēnix in a very similar way that accredited and institutional investors can. In short, during a crowd-funding campaign rather than simply offering product or service rewards to our supporters, we can offer share investments in the business either alone or paired with product and service rewards. If we were to move forward with this, this means you, our customers, can not just benefit from a new solution to aging EV batteries, but you can share in the rewards gained by our combined success!

Our planned roadmap did already include moving forward with a crowdfunding campaign, but originally we intended to wait until after battery installs were in progress and then launch the campaign to fund R&D and early deployments for our innovative charging solutions. In light of the current market conditions and seemingly perpetual delays in injecting capital by our previously committed investors, we're re-thinking our crowdfunding approach and investigating moving it up the timetable in order to get our battery installs moving forward.

Now, all of this is a lot to consider, but the most important voice we want to listen to in considering this option is that of our existing customers. If you were shared a link to this survey, you have already contributed to Fēnix in the form of a deposit towards a battery solution. We want to be as fully transparent about this choice as possible, and the best way to do so? Simply listen to what our customers think about a crowdfunding campaign, below are just a couple of simple questions, help us hear your voice:
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