Chase Distributed Research Task
Last week, Jamie Dimon was grilled in Congress about Chase's role in the climate crisis, where he said some really stupid stuff. (Like climate change doesn't pose a threat to the financial system.) We want to respond to Mr. Dimon's comments, politely pointing out his failings on climate -- and to do so in front of hundreds of his branch managers.

To do that, we need to find out the contact email addresses for 500 Chase branch managers by the end of the week. It's really simple to find out the contact information of a branch manager. You just call a branch and ask. If we have over 25 volunteers spend 1 hour on this, we should be able to get 500 branch manager emails.

Then once we have those 500 email addresses we will send an email to Jamie Dimon, politely pointing out his failings on climate, spotlighting his and his companies failings on climate in front of 100s of his managerial employees.

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